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eilan hotel engagement session // sarah + brad

Introducing the future Mr and Mrs Trinidad!! We started the day at this beautiful hotel and resort where Brad proposed to Sarah.

I loved their story about how they met at A&M (whoop!) and were “matched” together.
Be sure to read the full story at the bottom. It’s true that opposites attract!

So breathtaking!

I LOVE the photo on the right. So genuinely happy:)

And here’s the spot where Brad proposed!

Andy’s favorite!

Then we headed over to a nearby park where Brad’s family would go when he was a kid.

One of my favorites!

This is one of my favorite photos ever! Soo good!!! I love how this photo capture’s Sarah’s gorgeous eyes.

– – —————————————————————- – –

How did you meet (we already know this one, but in your own words!)?

We met at Texas A&M.  We were both chairs in an organization called Fish Camp. We didn’t know each other at all but we were paired up to organize a camp and we just never really stopped hanging out once it was over.  The funny thing about getting paired up is that a lot of the decision was made based on a questionnaire called Strengths Quest that identified each person’s top five strengths.  When it came time to write what you wanted in a Fish Camp partner I wrote that I definitely did NOT want to be paired up with anyone who had ‘competition’ as a strength.  I’m a calm and fairly easy-going person and I thought I might not be very happy being around a ‘competitive’ person all the time.  Lo and behold, Brad’s number one strength was competition.
I’m extremely thankful they didn’t listen to me.

When was your first date? Where did you go? Did you hit it off right away?

Our first official date was a trip to Houston, Texas to stay with my cousin and her family.  We went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and an Astros game.  Neither of us are die-hard baseball fans but it was fun to just hang out one-on-one.  We had been good friends for a few months so I guess we hit it off before that trip but it solidified that we had a good thing going.
What is one of your favorite memories together?
S:  When we were first dating we would sometimes go for walks at night to take a break from school work.  During those walks that we talked about our families, high school, growing up, our friends, future plans and everything in between. I found out I really just liked talking to him more than most anything else I’d ever done.
B: There was a weekend a few months ago that I had a minor procedure done and Sarah came up to stay with me.  After a day of sitting around hanging out waiting for the sedative to wear off we went to IHOP for dinner.  There wasn’t anyone else there on a Saturday night.  It was the kind of day we like–just hanging out and eating breakfast for dinner.

What are some things y’all like to do together?

We like to eat.  A lot.  Trying new restaurants is one of our favorite things.  We like to watch Aggie football and the San Antonio Spurs.  We’ve been long distance for over three years, so really we just like being together in the same place even if it’s just running errands or waiting to get the oil in a car changed.

How did he propose?

It was New Year’s Eve 2012.  It seemed like it would be a low-key NYE.  We had Spurs tickets for that night and a small party afterward.  We went to the game (they won) and then had time to kill before going to the party later that night so we explored a big new hotel/shopping/apartment area near his house.  I was wearing my dress already so I was getting a little cold and wondering why were still walking around this place when we stopped to look at the dog park.
I don’t really remember anything other than turning and seeing Brad on his knee, a ring and his face.
 It was a total surprise and I stuttered for a minute or two before I could manage to say yes.

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?

We are just looking forward to being in one place with our families and our closest friends.

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Happy Day Media in Action!!

Sarah and Brad, we had a great time hanging out with you guys and are really excited about celebrating with you in January!!


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