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texas a&m engagement session // kay + chad

I really enjoyed this engagement shoot! We spent the afternoon with Kay and Chad on the Texas A&M University campus (my alma mater). It brought back so many good memories, and I’m sure it did for them too. Kay just returned to Texas after living in China for the past year! I could tell these two were super excited about finally being in the same country together.:)

We started out at All Faiths Chapel, where Kay and Chad used to meet up in between classes.

This one is a favorite!

Another favorite!

Teeny people shot!


Love this photo: their pose, the sky, the grass… So awesome!!

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How did you meet?

We initially met in a Freshmen Bible Study during the 2006-2007 school year at Texas A&M,
although we really didn’t connect fully until the Autumn 2009 on a chance meet up at a local yogurt joint.

When was your first date? Where did you go? Did you hit it off right away?

Our first official date was lunch at Jasons Deli followed by our stringing up Christmas lights at Kay’s apartment…

By this point in our friendship/relationship we had already spent a full two years emailing each other back and forth, so in some way we already knew each other quite well but there was definitely a lot of nerves on my (Chad) end as I wasn’t entirely sure if she wanted to be dating me yet.

What is one of your favorite memories together?

Just after we officially began dating, we spent an entire day traveling through the Texas Hill Country, stopping by various lakes, waterfalls, hiking spots, and finally climbing Enchanted Rock at sunset in order to view all the stars from the top…

Afterwards, we drove into Austin to spend some time with Kay’s sister at a local coffee bar,
before finally heading home well after midnight.

It’s honestly difficult to briefly state what made the day as special as it was, except that it was beautiful in every way: the newness of having just begun dating and the nervousness mixed with excitement of being around each other for a full day by ourselves, the sweet crisp air of a late winter day in Texas with beautiful scenery, the unexpected stops and various God given surprises along the way.

 What are some things y’all like to do together?

Some of the things we most enjoy doing together include: going on walks, visiting family, taking mini road trips, reading, watching movies/episdoes of television shows, and building tents.

How did he propose?

Two days before Christmas during Chad’s visit to China, where I lived this past year, we went on a walk in a local park, where he pretended to have discovered a hidden path that led to the surrounding lakeside.

As we made our way through the twisted trees as the sun set into the horizon, we finally came to a bend in the path and as I rounded the bend of trees and shrubbery, I saw an ancient or what seemed like ancient pagoda (complete with grass growing through the tiles on the roof) with roses lining the dirt path up to its aged base…

 The pagoda itself was decked in Christmas lights and ornaments and there was a Christmas stocking on the tree in between the pagoda and the lake …

I walked through the brilliantly lit pagoda and to the stocking where I found a small note inside and then turned around to see Chad kneeling in the middle of the pagoda with a ring held out to me.

I said yes and then we danced together as the sun finished setting over the lake.

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?

I (Chad) am really looking forward to the post-ceremony/reception walk that Kay and I plan on taking on campus, the sweetness of walking together again where it all began, all the while looking back over the many sweet memories of the day.

I (Kay) am most looking forward to the wedding ceremony, specifically the moment after I’ve walked down the aisle when I join Chad at the front and get to hold his hands as we become husband and wife.

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 Happy Day Media in Action!

Kay and Chad, we loved spending time with you guys on the A&M Campus
and we are super excited about your wedding in just a few weeks!!!


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