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dallas arts district + baseball engagement session // emily + eric

We had a great time hanging out with Emily and Eric in Dallas,TX! First we took some photos in the Arts district. Then we traveled over to the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, where Emily works as an amazing wedding coordinator! Then we headed to Flippen Park, where Eric proposed to Emily. Lastly, Eric put on his baseball gear and we headed to a nearby baseball field for some fun shots (props to Emily for her creative ideas!)

Emily’s hair is SO beautiful and vibrant! I loved the way it looked with the green in the background.

Beautiful photo! I love both of their facial expressions in this one!

The gazebo where Eric proposed!

This is one of my favorites!!

 Snakeskin heels vs. baseball cleats

These turned out so good! What a fun idea!


– – —————————————————————- – –

How did you meet?
Eric and I met in Lubbock while at Texas Tech. I was working as a front office manager at a hotel and Eric
walked in to apply for a job during his off season. I immediately wanted to talk to him and interviewed
him right away. I don’t think we talked about anything related to the job during the interview,
it was as if we were old friends catching up. Of course I hired him!

When was your first date? Where did you go? Did you hit it off right away?
Our first date was driving around Lubbock looking at Christmas lights. We bought some hot
apple cider from a local coffee shop and drove around for a couple of hours chatting and picking
out our favorite displays. We recreate the date every year. Last year’s date ended with a
proposal so I am not sure how we will top that this year!

What is one of your favorite memories together?
One of my favorite memories is our second date. We went to a place that had bowling, laser tag,
miniature golf and an arcade. We spent hours playing mini golf and all of the games in the arcade, and I
beat him at every game we played except for one! I remember smiling and laughing so
much that night that my cheeks hurt when I got home!

What are some things y’all like to do together?
We love to work out together and travel. We love finding great hole-in-the-wall
restaurants and we both have a sweet tooth and will go out to eat, just to get dessert.

How did he propose?
We went to work out together that morning and then spent the afternoon finishing our Christmas
shopping. I mentioned earlier that we recreate our first date every year, well the previous year we had
tried to get into the Highland Park Village Christmas carriage rides but never could get a reservation. So
I was excited when Eric got a text from an old friend he used to work valet with saying there had been
a cancellation at 8:15 and did we want it? Of course I said yes! Eric suggested I go home and shower
and change (I was still in my work out clothes) but I wanted to finish all our errands and then head over
there. We got there a few minutes early and got our apple cider at Starbucks. I kept asking him where
his friend was but he kept saying he must have been out on the carriage. Our carriage pulled up and
we got in and started the ride. After a few blocks the carriage stopped in front of this beautiful gazebo.
The driver said this was a great picture spot and asked if we wanted to get out and take some pictures.
I remember saying no, that’s ok, I don’t have any makeup on. But Eric insisted that we take some, so
reluctantly I did. We couldn’t get them to turn out so we went up to the gazebo where there was more
light. We were snapping pictures when Eric told me to close my eyes and make a wish. All of a sudden
I thought, oh my goodness, is this it?! Sure enough, when I opened my eyes he was on his knee with
the ring! After he proposed we were celebrating in the gazebo when he said, I have one more surprise
for you, my mom and step-dad were there hiding in the bushes! They came out and we all got back in
the carriage to celebrate with champagne! Eric also had a photographer there, as well as video cameras
installed in the gazebo to capture the whole thing! It was the perfect night!

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?
Emily: I am looking forward to the doors at the church opening and getting to see Eric waiting
for me at the end of the aisle! Then getting to celebrate with our friends and family!
Eric: I am looking forward to showing off my beautiful bride to the most important people in my life.

– – —————————————————————- – –

Happy Day Media in action!!

Emily and Eric, we had a great time venturing through Dallas with you! Stay tuned for an awesome engagement video!!!


JP McKinney - September 2, 2012 - 5:11 am

These photos are great and loved the background story on them and your engagement.

Mary Stamm - September 2, 2012 - 6:16 am

Beautiful! Wonderful
Thanks for sharing Em

Kevin Brown - September 2, 2012 - 1:48 pm

You both are beautiful together. Loved the pictures and your story of how you met…….Love you both and can’t wait til June 22nd, 2013.

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