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Meet Us


Hello! We’re Andy & Carrie. We’re married, and we love wedding photography. We got married in 2010 and we’ve been shooting weddings for nearly as long. We live in Austin, TX in a little blue bungalow. We love to travel. We have two cats named Lucy and Lilly, and a dog named Hunni. We swear we’re only slightly crazy animal people. Here are some photos of our pet people:

We are really into making awesome art. We love photography and all that goes into making beautiful images. Our photography is colorful, bright, non-traditional, fun, and often experimental. That means your photos will be uniquely created for you. We want you to have something amazing, different, and totally worthy of hanging on your wall. We are super passionate about our creative portraits (most of what you’ll see on our site), so if those get you all jazzed up, we’ll get along great!

We have a great time photographing with each other and with our clients. Here we are in action:

If you feel inspired by our style & work, and connect with it, then we’d love it if you gave us a shout and said HEY!

andy & carrie

p.s. Some other places to find us: Facebook   Instagram   The Knot